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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Brisbane Northside

Do you want to keep your trees healthy and high in productivity?

Colourful Tree Services carries out tree pruning Brisbane Northside services to keep their size and shape under control. Once the dead, hazardous and crossing tree limbs are pruned out, it will stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds and ultimately enhance their production.

With our extensive knowledge in the industry, we do tree pruning in Brisbane Northside for most of the species in the start of season or whilst the tree is dormant throughout autumn/winter.

Careful attention is implied during pruning as well as training the young trees, thereby preventing later injury from weak crotches that could break under fruit load. Special attention at Colourful tree lopping is given, in particular to native trees, as over-pruning may cause irreversible damage with no recovery possible.


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With fully trained and certified staff, we offer the best tree pruning, removal and stump grinding experience possible.

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