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Stump Grinding Brisbane

Stump Grinding Brisbane Southside

And we remove the Stump

Is there a tree stump that you want to be removed?
Are you planning to re plant in an area where the tree was once located?
Does a stump obstruct the building of a new structure or a property extension?
We are here to help you with tree stump removal and grinding! No job is too big or too small for Colourful Tree Services Brisbane. We undertake tree stump grinding in Brisbane Southside for any size of tree stumps.

Tree removal doesn’t end with bringing the tree cut down, but with precise and clean removal of tree stump. We offer a straight forward stump and root removal service involving turnkey operations.

Using a grinding machine, our team can conduct stump grinding South Brisbane until the stump and root system are destroyed. Whether the tree may be located on a slope or an hill, a stump that is wedged in a narrow surrounding, we are equipped with differently sized machines for accomplishing the task in most instances. If the presence of stump is not a concern, we are able to treat the stump to ensure that regrowth does not occur.

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With fully trained and certified staff, we offer the best tree pruning, removal and stump grinding experience possible.

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